Alutech United Security Shutters, Doors and Grilles

For decades, Alutech United has been known as a premier security shutter designer, manufacturer, and installer with two offices on the Atlantic Seaboard in southern Florida and coastal Delaware.

Our products are made of the finest materials available in a variety of colors! Most shutters are operated manually or by a motor installed in a minimally evasive exterior housing. Choose Alutech for our experience, technical prowess, high quality, and proven innovation in custom solutions that work for you.

Security Shutter Products

Security shutters provide your home or business with the security and protection you need from burglars, thieves, or simply mother nature. Roll shutters add value to your home while providing safety, security, protection against vandals, and added insulation from noise or changing temperatures.

Alutech United offers an array of products to fit your needs:

Read more about our RC37 roll shutter which features foam filled slats to reduce noise.

You might also be interested in the best hurricane protection for your home with our Barracuda roll shutter which has smaller housings and an end retention option. Or simply read more product information on our Security Star Roll Shutter and the Super Security Star Roll down Shutter both available from Alutech.

The interlocking blade system of the folding accordion shutter offers both protection and privacy while enclosing a balcony or store front with one aluminum and stainless steel shutter with minimal over space requirements. Have yours installed today and save on utility bills!

Where are security shutters used?

Common applications of security shutters include retail applications like pharmacy counters, kiosk applications to lockup and protect merchandise, commercial applications like parking garages, and even in residential applications like hurricane shutters. Read more about applications »